Wireline Support

OSES offers an extensive line of support equipment for both electric line and slickline operations. Our equipment enables operators to monitor, regulate and control pressure within the well, and our skilled employees lend experience and know-how to help plan and execute successful wellsite operations.

Our equipment includes: overshots, pulling tools, hydraulic jars, accelerators, bumper subs, spang jars, gauge rings, broaches, swages, impression blocks and fishing kits. We offer:

  • H2S standard service – 5K-15K psi rated packages
  • H2S standard service – 5K-20K psi rated packages
  • Equipment to meet specific Zone 1 requirements
  • Packoffs, BOP’s, lubricator, flanges
  • Packages with single or dual packoff options up to 8.25” ID
  • Swedges, spools, adapters and subs
  • Cased-hole and open-hole fishing kits
  • Top Entry Access System (TEAS)
  • Top Entry Safety System

Our Top Entry Access System (TEAS) is the safest and most efficient way to perform top drive wireline operations. Click to view the TEAS promotional video.

Performance Under Pressure

Committed to delivering unmatched reliability and performance, we subject every piece of our equipment to a thorough inspection prior to dispatch and upon return from all jobs. We also have backed our rigid quality standards with the installation of pressure test bays throughout our district locations and a service center dedicated to maintaining our high-pressure, large-bore equipment fleet. We can perform pressure tests up to 30,000 psi at this facility.

With a team of pressure control specialists who are recognized as second to none in our field, we offer planning assistance that helps reduce downtime and ensure a safe and successful operation. In addition to classroom and on-the-job pressure control training, our wellsite specialists attend industry-regulated classes. Our training processes stress safety, above all, and thoroughly cover wellsite safety procedures. You get safe, efficient performance under pressure.

Top Entry Access System (TEAS)

TEAS is the safest and most efficient way to perform top drive wireline operations.

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