Isolation Tools

The world’s largest supplier of wellhead isolation equipment, OSES designs, manufactures and operates specialty wellhead isolation and wellhead tools that offer protection and performance during the pressure pumping process. With a significant number of patented tools and a highly experienced workforce, we are the supplier of choice for quality products that include: casing, wellhead and tubing isolation tools plus mix-master tools.

We strive to continually generate new products that increase efficiency, reduce overall costs and deliver quality and value to our customers. With shops strategically located close to fracturing companies, we deliver prompt, courteous and professional services.

Products & Services

Casing Isolation Tools (Casing Savers)

  • Sizes range from 4 1/2"- 9 5/8" casing in all sizes and weights (hydraulic)
  • Pressure rating to 15,000 psi; 20,000 psi working tools are available
  • Hirate tools available
  • Three- and five-way frac heads available
  • Low, unobstructed profile tools
  • Fleet of crane trucks to lift and operate tools

Wellhead Isolation Tool (Stage Frac Tool)

  • 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi rating
  • 5.062" bore for high rate and sealing in tubing head spool
  • Tubing head spool equipped with seal profile
  • No obstructions in 4 1/2" or 5 1/2" casing
  • Able to run plugs, guns and plugs unobstructed
  • Adapters to all lubricators to speed up stage fracs
  • Five-way manifolds available
  • Coil tubing adapter

Tubing Isolation Tool

  • Sizes from 2 3/8"- 4 1/2" tubing in all sizes and weights. (Hydraulic)
  • Standard tool rated to 15,000 psi; 20,000 psi working tools available
  • Three-way frac heads available
  • Low, unobstructed profile tool
  • Fleet of crane trucks to lift and operate tools.

Mix-Master Tool

  • 15,000 psi tubing rating; 10,000 psi annular rating
  • Run tubing through tool and isolate BOPs and tubing head spool at the same time
  • Frac down backside using dead string to monitor down-hole pressure
  • Tubing can be run or removed through tool without removing
  • Coil tubing can be rigged up in place of tubing
  • Good for overbalanced perforating down casing

Miscellaneous Rental Equipment

  • Adapter flanges
  • Spools
  • Swedges
  • Wireline adapters
Stage Frac Isolation Tool

Watch the functionality and learn about the benefits of Oil States Energy Services' proprietary Stage Frac Isolation Tool

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