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Sand Control (Gravel Pack)

OSES sets the standard for reliability, service and technical know-how in sand-control rental tools. We couple experienced professionals with state-of-the-art equipment which is API certified and guaranteed to perform as expected. Our sand-control equipment has all manufactured certifications, meets all federal requirements while maintaining one of the lowest nonconformance rejection rates in the industry. By combining a broad line of the best available equipment with exceptional technical expertise, OSES delivers better overall solutions that translate into cost savings. Utilizing our complete line of rental tools, specializing in frac pack, sand control and tubing conveyed perforating applications, we can integrate wireline, flow-back and thru-tubing fishing and milling applications to support multiple completion and well-intervention operations.

Rental Equipment

  • Wash Pipe
  • Tool Baskets
  • Handling Equipment: Becket/Bails, Tongs, Stabbing Guides, Slips, Elevators & Clamps
  • Frac Heads
  • Co Flex Hoses
  • Two- and Three-Inch Hydraulic Chokes
  • TCP Heads
  • Hydraulic Frac Manifolds
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