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Articulated Top Entry System (A-TES)

a-tesThe Oil States Energy Services Articulated Top Entry System (A-TES) provides for direct alignment of the wireline entry sub with the drill pipe axis allowing unrestricted entry of a wireline tool string into the pipe. With the wireline tool deployed, the upper and lower drill pipe subs will rotate to align under pipe tension, aligning the load axis with the pipe axis and achieving a straight line pull with the pipe. Internal ball joints are double O-ring sealed and can transmit both right-hand and left-hand torque while under tension and under pressure.


  • Wireline pipe recovery services
  • Wireline orientation (gyro) of whipstock through drill pipe
  • Wireline fishing and strip over
  • Wireline spotting/positioning of packer, plug, and TCP on drill pipe
  • Emergency wireline cutter
  • Full, unrestricted top drive functionality during wireline operations

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