The Oil States ACTIVELatch™ is a 5 1/8-in. 15,000 psi, remotely operated wellhead connection that requires no cables or hoses for its operations to make or break the (wireline) connection. The wireless latch is part of the ACTIVEHub™ platform which is capable of communication and control with most analog equipment outfitted with ACTIVEHub™ technology. The ACTIVEHub™ Command Trailer features wireless technologies capable of communication and control of all ACTIVEHub™ enabled assets on a given well site within a 50-yard radius. The ACTIVELatch™ is powered by an on-board DC power pack coupled to the tool’s ACTIVELatch™ Communication & Control Unit. The device allows for continuous operation and data acquisition while Oil States operators are safely outside of the red zone.

ACTIVEHub™ is a real time communication and control platform, that utilizes a Command Trailer, which provides an intuitive dashboard for operators to both remotely monitor and command any asset on the well-site outfitted with ACTIVEHub™ technology.


  • Bore: 5 1/8-in.
  • Working pressure rating: 15,000 psi
  • Power: On-board battery
  • Operation: Remote Wi-Fi
  • Latching time: 15 sec.
  • Weight: 2,400 lbs.
  • Wireless operating range 50 ft. to 75 ft.
  • Temperature Range: -20° F to 131° F


  • The ACTIVELatch™ is designed for use with 5 1/8-in. 15,000 psi equipment equipped with 5 1/4-in. HD Wing x Thread upper and lower connection…High reliability
  • Baked in Artificial Intelligence safety protocols, reduce risk of opening under pressure…Significantly reduced risk of failure
  • Eliminates the need for personnel to enter the Red Zone as the tool can be controlled remotely...Significantly increases safety of personnel
  • The ACTIVELatch™ requires no hydraulic hoses for operation as it has on-board DC power... Reduced environmental impact
  • Time savings benefits over conventional flange and unflange methods, saving 20 to 25 minutes per swap over from frac to wireline... Reduce downtime

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