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Top Entry AccessSystem (TEAS)

a-tesOil States Energy Services’ exclusive Top Entry Access System (TEAS) allows wireline access to drill pipe or tubing through the gooseneck connection in the top drive while preserving the ability to use the top drive to pull and torque the pipe. 

Top entry eliminates wireline contact with the top drive housing and traveling block while running the block near the floor. This reduces the potential for cable damage and increases safety. 

During open hole cut and strip over operations, the TEAS eliminates the need for a man in the derrick to stab the wireline overshot with each connection. The overshot is pulled into the top drive while the next stand is picked up. The overshot is then cycled back through the stand without intervention. 

Wireline pipe recovery operations, which traditionally involve inputting torque with the rotary table and working it down while trapping it with a backup tong, can be accomplished with the top drive instead. The elimination of a backup tong and tong line under tension while working torque greatly increases safety on the rig floor. 

Efficiency is also enhanced during directional drilling operations with wireline steering tools.


Allows wireline access to well center into the drill pipe via the goose neck on the rig’s top drive. Incorporates sheaves and/or rollers to aid in keeping wireline from rubbing the rig’s top drives. Utilized on drillships, jackups, platform, submersible, semi-sub, and land operations. The TEAS is top drive-specific and is subject to available clearances.


Wireline tools can enter the drill pipe during stuck pipe operations while allowing full functionality of the top drive for picking up, slacking off, stretch, and full rotation of pipe.


Saves time and effort during strip over operations by allowing unattended connection of pipe while the next stand is being latched. Eliminates the need to have personnel in the derrick by allowing the wireline overshot to be raised up into the top drive and then lowered into the drill pipe by the wireline winch operator.


Wireline access to well center during all operations where wireline is needed for spotting items on depth as well as for orientation of whipstock operations.


  • Wireline pipe recovery services
  • Wireline orientation (gyro) of whipstock through drill pipe
  • Wireline fishing and strip over
  • Wireline spotting/positioning of packer, plug, and TCP on drill pipe
  • Emergency wireline cutter
  • Full, unrestricted top drive functionality during wireline operations

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