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Active Seat Gate Valve

The Active Seat Gate Valve represents a step change in fracturing operations by reducing valve grease contamination and improving valve sealing while reducing non-productive time (NPT), safety risks and environmental impact.

During typical fracturing operations, the valves on the frac tree and manifold require regular manual grease injection every one to three stages to continue to operate. This requires personnel to enter the “red zone,” bringing pumping to a halt for safety. The Active Seat Gate Valve extends greasing maintenance intervals, reducing grease use by as much as 85%. This extended interval keeps personnel out of the red zone and minimizes NPT. 

This technology applies asymmetric pressure to the seat and sealing mechanism to improve sealing performance and simplify maintenance requirements. The Active Seat Gate Valve uses a pre-loaded biasing member, forcing the valve seat against both upstream and downstream sides of the gate to allow a low-pressure seal that is self-energized. The valve’s unique design features mean the seal self-adjusts to its environment – the higher the pressure, the stronger the seal.

By significantly reducing the amount of heavy grease and surfactants used, the Active Seat Gate Valve promotes more environmentally friendly operations, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals.


  • Pre-loaded biasing member
  • Self-equalizing pressure feature
  • Available in 7-inch size
  • Rated for 10K-psi and 15K-psi


  • Reduces grease use by 85%
  • Extends greasing maintenance intervals
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Keeps grease clean and in place
  • Improves well performance to achieve first production faster
  • Lowers total frac spread day-rate


  • 10K and 15K hydraulic fracturing operations


  • All Active Seat Gate Valves have been qualification tested in-house to API 6A PR2 requirements
  • Hydrostatic testing and inspection conforms to API 6A PSL 3 requirements


  • API 6A

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