Frac Stacks

OSES supplies and services frac stacks that temporarily replace the production wellhead during pressure pumping operations. In addition to protecting an operator’s production wellhead from the effects of pressure and abrasion during the fracturing process, our frac stacks allow high pressures and volumes of proppant to pass to the formation for maximum well response. Our frac stacks, which feature ball screw type and double acting hydraulic actuators to insure reliable operation every time, prevent costly repairs to your wellhead equipment.

High-pressure fracturing operations are no place to test the safety or integrity of your rental equipment or risk the lost time that occurs when inferior equipment leaks. At OSES, we are committed to providing reliable equipment manufactured to API standards, highly trained personnel, and the industry’s best operating efficiency and safety performance. We follow a strict ISO-compliant quality assurance program with no exceptions. Our skilled technicians carefully inspect and certify every piece of equipment prior to dispatch and upon return from a job.

We employ dedicated teams of wellsite personnel, strategically located close to fracturing operations across the country, to ensure seamless set-up and maintenance of your rental equipment. They are experienced in rig-up procedures and current in all safety certifications including high-pressure operations and H2S. With OSES, you get unmatched quality and reliability that minimizes problems and ensures high success rates. Our goal is to have the equipment you need, where and when you need it. Our rental fleet includes:

Frac Stacks

  • (2) 3 1/16" bore valves for unobstructed profile (hydraulic & manual)
    2 3/8", 2 7/8", and 3 1/2" tubings – all threads
  • 5 1/8" 10K valves to 7 1/16" 5K or 10K flange
  • 7 1/16" and 4 1/16" flanges with 3K, 5K, 10K, and 15K ratings
  • Flow tee with 2 valves and choke
  • 15,000 psi rated equipment

Frac Valves

  • 5K,10K, 15K and 20K rating for pressure (hydraulic & manual)
  • All sizes, including 5 1/8" and 7 1/16” full-bore opening
  • Frac heads, three- and five-way available

Additional Equipment:

  • Gate Valves – manual and hydraulic for 5K, 10K, 15K and 20K jobs
    • High-pressure manifolds
    • High-pressure frac ball catchers
    • High-pressure sand removal systems (sand knock-out units)
  • Blow-out Preventers
  • Flanged Weco Unions
  • Drilling Spools
  • Assorted Flanges & Spools
  • Accumulators
  • Flow Crosses for Coil Tubing
  • Power Swivels

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