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Tempress Technologies

Thru-Tubing Well Intervention Tools

The Tempress division of Oil States Energy Services provides a line of advanced rental tools for horizontal well service. These tools are used for extended-reach milling, well stimulation, downhole phase separation and sand cleanouts.

The Tempress HydroPull® tool is used to clean sand and mill cement, composite bridge plugs and ball seats in extreme-reach horizontal wells. Costly friction reducing additives are eliminated and the flow pulsation generated by these tools provides superior cuttings transport, which reduces or eliminates short trips.

Tempress down-hole phase separators and bypass tools ensure good circulation in depleted wells. These tools are used in tandem with the HydroPull®, reducing the chance of confinement and ensuring reliable service in extended-reach depleted wells. Please visit www.tempresstech.com for more information.

Motor Gas Separator (MGS)

Tempress Technologies Product Catalog

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