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OSES invests in the highest-quality equipment backed by a stringent quality assurance program to deliver state-of-the-art equipment and the most options for any thru-tubing operation. Whether you need high-speed or high-torque motors, we have the rotor/stator configuration to meet your needs. We offer:

  • Hydraulic motors
  • Bottom-hole assemblies
  • HydroPull® extended reach
  • Circulating subs
  • Torque knuckle joints
  • Overshots
  • Wash tools
  • Mills
  • Tubing cleaners

Using computerized Dyna-Meter testing, we load test down-hole motors to ensure performance prior to arriving on your location. We are the only thru-tubing company to deploy all high-strength pulling tools and overshots, which are easier to inspect and maintain and deliver maximum pull when you need it most. We also can provide skilled technicians to manage your fishing and milling operations, offer expertise that facilitates critical decisions, and execute an efficient plan to minimize risk and successfully complete your operation.

Thru-Tubing Well Intervention Tools

The Tempress division of Oil States Energy Services provides a line of advanced rental tools for horizontal well service. These tools are used for extended-reach milling, well stimulation, down-hole phase separation and sand cleanouts.

The Tempress HydroPull® tool is used to clean sand and mill cement, composite bridge plugs and ball seats in extreme-reach horizontal wells. Costly friction-reducing additives are eliminated and the flow pulsation generated by these tools provides superior cuttings transport, which reduces or eliminates short trips.

Tempress downhole phase separators and bypass tools ensure good circulation in depleted wells. These tools are used in tandem with the HydroPull®, reducing the chance of confinement and ensuring reliable service in extended-reach depleted wells. Please visit www.tempresstech.com for more information.

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