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Ball Launchers

OSES offers a patented, controlled-aperture ball drop mechanism for multi-stage well stimulation. Used during the treatment process in multi-zone fracturing operations, the remotely controlled system dispenses balls automatically into the wellbore during fracturing stages. By replacing manual processes, it reduces errors and service interruptions.

Features include

  • Single-stack tube with a standard load stack of 28 balls
  • Balls are launched by actuator
  • Capable of adapting to various size increments
  • Adaptable to any wellhead configuration
  • Rated for hazardous conditions
  • Fully enclosed for low-temperature environments
  • Heating blanket provided for extreme sub-zero temperatures
  • Computer-generated, detailed job report shows ball size and time stamped

Ball Launchers Product Catalog

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OSES Overview Brochure

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